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13health facilities 2regions with a high population density 1university 1university and multidisciplinary federation More than 90clinical trials in collaboration already existing in all medical specialties

G2RC strives to develop research projects (or clinical trials) in the Nord and the Pas-de-Calais French regions, for patients in this area, thanks to optimized care and easy access to healthcare innovations.

To achieve this objective, the G2RC promotes clinical research and helps to structure it among its affiliated members. The latter are public health establishments or private establishments with a collective interest. They are supported in their initiatives by academic partners active in the health research environment. 

G2RC was founded in 2014 under the sponsorship of the Regional Health Authority and the Regional Council of Nord/Pas-de-Calais, now Hauts-de-France. It is governed by a convention. The admission of its members is based on volunteering and the sharing of common values and objectives.

Recherche clinique


G2RC common values

  • Transparency (Members agree to share information on their research activities)
  • Territorial preference (Collaborative preference will be given to members)
  • Sharing (Members agree to share professional practices)
  • Optimization of research results (The members ensure a fair valuation of the contributions of the investigators involved in the clinical studies made between establishments of the Grouping)
  • Respect for identity and for scientific and medical policies(Members respect the identity and specificities of each partner)

G2RC objectives

  • Create a territorial dynamic through the cooperation of research teams 
  • Support the development, structuring and evaluation of research activities through access to skills and technical platforms
  • Help emergence resources and organizations specialized in research, notably paramedical research 
  • Professionalize research activities through training and information for medical, paramedical and administrative personnel
  • Optimize innovation access to therapeutic innovations
  • Assist in the evaluation and management of research activities
  • Promote regional and national visibility of partner’s research activities

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